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Phil learns about an urban legend that leads to an amazing spiritual experience. He decides to try it. What has he got to lose? It either works, or it doesn't, right?
The Sanguine Soul Stone
This short tale is about a diamond created from human remains 70 years before the first synthetic diamond was officially produced. It has been lost for almost as long. No one knows how it was created or whose body was used in its creation. Some believe it to be cursed.
The Artifice Obscura
India Stiles purchases what she believes to be the mythic Artifice Obscura. Could it really preserve her beauty for the rest of her life? Can she avoid breaking the rules? Or will she unleash the curse upon herself and her loved ones?
Unmaking Us
The disease hides in plain sight. It would be easy to avoid walking corpses and cannibalistic infected, but none exist in this world. Instead, people can no longer trust their closest friends and family.